LLily Pty Ltd

Rental Trust Management


Our pride and signature service, where we have worked over a decade in long standing partnerships with Real Estate Companies. We understand Rental Trust Management and provide value in managing Receipt Reconciliation, Cleaning Previews, EFT Transfers, End of Month Transaction Reporting, Annual Income and Expenditure Reporting and Annual Audit Reporting.

Rental Trust Management is a specialised accounting form that includes closely managing all facets of transactions related to Property Rentals with Real Estate Companies. As your Rental Property listing grows, so does the need to keep your accounting tidy on every property you manage. We will manage the monthly reporting you need and give you the insights you need to understand your income and expenditure of each property you want us to look after.

Receipt Reconciliation

Receipts are the records of all transactions, and are the heart of every accounting principles. We will actively manage all Receipts and file them in accordance with best practices. With a quick request, we will provide you a copy of the receipt when asked!

Cleaning Preview


EFT Management

EFT is prevalent in today's world, and will quickly become a jungle to navigate when managing multiple properties. We take the jungle, and neatly organise it like a well-maintained landscape garden by compiling concise debit and credit reporting.
We will also help organise transactions on behalf of our clients for scheduled payments on property expenses.

End of Month Reporting

End of Month Reporting is the main strategic driver in decision making of rental property profiling. We compile and produce income statements, balance sheets and cashflow statements in accordance to help you make your decisions.

Annual Income & Expenditure Reporting

We have deep-rooted knowledge of what property management requires. Using this knowledge, we will provide the valuable reporting of income and expenditure of each property so that you can make a well informed decision.

Annual Audit Reporting

Annual Audits are critical in understanding the credibility of the information regarding your rental properties. We provide auditing expertise that comply with ASIC standards and provide recommendations on any improvements required.